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Natural foods we eat provide us with vital nutrients that help us to function well in carrying out our daily duties and enjoy our lives for a very long time without falling sick. The constant pollution, high rate of processed food all over the world had reduced the quantity and quality of the required nutrients from natural food consumption.

The cultivation of crops is done these days with some artificial additives that lower the number of nutrients available in the soil that supports the crops. Supplements are a natural way of boosting our immune system and a cost-effective way of keeping yourself healthy.

As you are getting older, the body system tends to slow down in breaking down natural foods and absorbing the nutrients we require to function properly.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that these supplements should never replace food as they can’t take up the primary functions of food nutrients in the body. Supplementation helps to transport and feed your muscles like protein powders and some weight loss supplements.

It also helps to counter any minor or major deficiencies you may have, a common example being Vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight and overuse of sunscreen. They keep your body and hormones balanced and regulates the nervous system, prevent eyesight issues, and could also be of good assistance in food digestion in our body.

The intake of supplements provides anti-oxidants (like vitamins A, C, and E) that we can’t get 100% from food. Taking supplements may aid in preventing some health issues like high cholesterol. Supplements are generally in a form that is easy for your body to absorb and utilize.

Vitamin C supplements have been found to lower blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels in both healthy adults and adults with existing high blood pressure. 

Supporting our foods with nutritional vitamins and supplements are essential, but it is important to find a safe, effective, and high-quality product. However, a health coach can offer guidance to avoid overconsumption of the supplements which can create organ malfunctions.

It is always advisable to contact your primary physicians before you starting incorporating some supplements into your daily diet. Some supplements have actually been proven to have provided a significant result for people who are suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and also has helped many people in losing weight faster than they anticipated.

Disclaimer; This extract is not meant to be used as a cure or to prevent any sickness. Only for a piece of healthy information. 


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